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Today we gonna discuss about the most important topic Difference Between Kick boxing and Muay Thai.

Both Kickboxing and Muay Thai are counted among the best and dangerous fighting sport and martial arts of this time. We are sure that at some point you have seen kickboxing and muay thai bouts, both of these sports are look very similar , there are too difficult to find the diffrence between these two arts .
So lets know about how kickboxing and muay thai are different from each other :-


  • What is KickBoxing ?
Kickboxing is a full Contact sport, it is basically counted in a fighting sport. Kickboxing allow you to punch and kick to the opponent's body and head. It is originated from the Japan in late 1950s , by combining kyokoshin karate with boxing.
After 20 years later , Americans adopted Japanese kickboxing in 1970s and invented their own form of kickboxing style named as american kickboxing , which become very famous. There are too many other forms of kickboxing such as :- Chinese kick boxing ( wushu sanda ) , Korean kickboxing , shoot kickboxing ,  Indian style kickboxing ( Adithada ) .

  • Rules of KickBoxing 
There are some famous organisations of Kickboxing like :- Enfusion , Glory , K-1 , Kunlun fight , one championship , Bellator Kickboxing and Glory of heros. 
Rules of Kickboxing basically depends on the different Promotions which organize this sport. Kickboxing allows fighters to punch and kicking to the head and body of their opponents. Fighters can clinch , sweep and throw each other on the ground but in the case of elbows and knees it totally depend on the promotion or organization. In some organization they doesn't allow to elbow and knees , whereas in some organisation they only allow to throw a only knee into the body while clinching but no elbow or no knee to the face.

Muay Thai :-

  • What is Muay Thai ?
Muay Thai is a full contact fight sport or Martial Arts also know as the name of "Thai Boxing". It is originated in mid 18th century ( Thai land ) . This art is also know as the (Science or art of eight limbs) because there are eight point of contact that were used in muay thai like :- Punches , kicks , elbows , shins and feet . 
It is the national sport of Thailand . In late arround 1800s it was called Siamese style Boxing.
The Modern day Muay thai basically influnced by three main fighting style ( ancient ) which were Muay korat , Muay chaiya and Muay lopburi .

  • Rules of Muay Thai 
The rules of Muay Thai are changing with the time . Back in 1900s , Muay thai fighters wrap their hands and feet with the rope , now as we can understand that in traditional muay thai fighting with rope wraped hand was very brutal and dangerous , it caused many death in rings . Therefore Boxing gloves has taken the place of those wraps.
All organisation of Muay thai allows to puch , kick , elbows , knees , clinching , sweep and many kind of different throws . But it is illegal to hit the groin and back of the head in muay thai.
In late 1960 , it is not allowed to kick in the head because as we know Thailand is buddhism country and according to buddhism head is the pure or holy part of human body . And kicking a head with kick is kind a disrespect of Buddhism . But now it is legal .


  1. The first difference between Kickboxing and Muay Thai is the set of rules . In a kicboxing rules are varried according to the promotions means different promotion have different rules about kickboxing but the rules of muay thai is specific  means all promotions have same rules about muay thai .
  2. The second difference between the kickboxing and muay thai is the cultural expect kicboxing is fighting sport whereas Muay thai is more than both a fighting sport and martial arts. Because in the Muay thai fighters pay respect to this martial arts ,  they perform a ritual dance " wai kru ram muay " by wearing the traditional head gear  called " mangkol ". 

Alright guys , we hope that now you have understand about the difference between Kickboxing  and Muay thai

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